There’s a secret to getting the most out of your IT systems. You don’t need the most advanced technology or the latest gadgets. To get peak performance from your IT, you need the people who use it to be experts. 

Too often, business leaders institute new IT systems without considering the employees who will be using it every day. You can have the best system in the world, but it’s useless if your users can’t figure out how it works. Lack of technical knowledge is frustrating for your employees. As they struggle, they waste time and resources, make mistakes, and introduce errors to your data. They’re smart people – but, like you, they probably didn’t learn how to use Office 365 in school. 

These problems don’t just happen during migrations to new systems. Microsoft and its ilk continually change and update their products, leaving confusion and broken processes in their wake. Plus, your company is always changing too. Your new employees need to learn your systems, and the systems themselves shift as your processes evolve and your business grows. 

The solution is IT education

User training is an essential, if often overlooked, part of any systems migration. And ongoing training keeps your teams up to date on the latest features and changes to your tech stack. When everyone knows how your IT works, they can focus on doing their jobs instead of spending hours on the phone with the help desk. Better yet, we can teach them to automate the most annoying parts of their jobs, freeing up more time for the work that matters most. 

With WSC’s unique approach to education across all tiers of the corporate organization, our classrooms are primed for genuine information exchange between team members that may otherwise never see or communicate with each other. Beyond just training, these sessions can build a whole new level of collaboration and understanding across the entire company. 

Need SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Teams, or other IT systems training? Wellington Street Consulting can help. Our team is passionate about learning new tech and teaching it in a way that sticks. 

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We develop and lead individualized programs to fit your company’s needs and processes. We offer: 

  • Curriculum design 
  • Knowledgebase creation 
  • Continuous education techniques 
    • Lunch n’ learn 
    • Office Hours 
    • Internal user group 
    • Self-help system creation 

We recommend recurring user training to get new employees up to speed and give your existing users deeper understanding of advanced Office 365 concepts. 

Office 365 training case study 

A commercial real estate broker moved its IT operations to Office 365 and consolidated its files in SharePoint Online. To bring employees up to speed and help everyone understand how to use the new system, Wellington Street Consulting conducted an extensive discovery process among executives and employees at all levels to uncover what issues the company was experiencing and identify what content would be most useful in a training session.

In a follow-up survey, more than 82% of respondents said the curriculum was helpful. The survey provided valuable data about future training needs.

Read the full case study here.