Know what’s happening in your Office 365 tenant 

It happens all the time: without sufficient oversight, redundant SharePoint sites and disorganized data structures can grow through your Microsoft Office 365 tenant like weeds taking over an empty lot. Getting a clear view of your O365 tenant is challenging enough, but it’s even harder to see how your employees are using it, where they’re getting stuck, or why they refuse to use it at all. Managing O365 can feel overwhelming!

map of o365 tenant

Your tenant doesn’t scare us. Wellington Street Consulting has seen it all. Let us help. 

Microsoft Office 365 discovery and analytics

The WSC discovery process is a flat fee project designed to uncover any issues, correct smaller issues and help you budget for additional projects. During the process, we create a snapshot of your O365 tenant to provide full visibility and help you understand what’s going on in there.

The stakeholder meeting

First, we meet with stakeholders – typically senior management and anyone in charge of making high-level IT decisions. Together, we identify staff members to interview for user input and put together questions about how your staff and business processes use your technology. These questions guide the rest of the discovery process, enabling us to uncover inefficiencies, identify security issues, and propose cost-saving fixes and opportunities. 

We also use this meeting to set up access to systems we need to complete the project. Unless you have a particularly complicated setup, access to O365 is usually plenty for us to assess your tenant and make expert recommendations. 

User stories to identify your employees’ pain points

Based on what we learn during the stakeholder meeting, we’ll interview ten people at your organization to create user stories. A user story is an informal, natural language description of one or more features of a software system. User stories help software teams understand the context of an IT system, as well as uncovering opportunities to improve business processes. They give us the information we need to suggest how to update your O365 tenant to make work that touches your systems easier and more productive. 

We’ll record user story interviews and take notes. User stories work best when we interview a wide range of people, so we make sure to speak to users with differing roles and perspectives, across your organization’s departments and hierarchy. 

Through user stories, we uncover trends in your employees’ experiences – the most efficient and inefficient processes, what’s frustrating your team and what they love.  We include recordings and notes from user story interviews as a deliverable in our discovery service and highlight interviewees’ most relevant comments in our discovery report. 

A plethora of reports with data you can act on

The most important document we deliver as part of our discovery service is the discovery report. This report is where we summarize what we learned about your IT systems, describe the issues we identified, and give expert advice about what to do next. Though the discovery report covers technical topics, we make it clear and easy to understand for non-technical readers. 

In conjunction with the discovery report, we’ll inventory your O365, Microsoft Teams, Exchange, and SharePoint to generate a set of in-depth reports that provide a comprehensive picture of your tenant and how your users are working in it. We can target our analytics to your specific goals. If you’re not sure what you need, one of our Office 365 architects can develop a focus for the discovery report. 

As we assess your O365 tenant, we’ll identify red flags for common IT issues and make recommendations for how to fix them.  

Discovery Report Legend
Legend from WSC Discovery Report

Our reports cover: 

  • 267 data points in Exchange 
  • 54 aspects of your tenant’s SharePoint and Teams sites 

Want to learn more about what the discovery report covers? Here’s an example table of contents from a real discovery report. Or, learn more about our reporting services

Why discovery?

Combing through your tenant and interviewing your employees to identify IT issues takes a long time to do on your own – and if you’re not an O365 pro, you could miss less obvious issues seated deep in your systems. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. At WSC, we have the tools and experience to quickly and straightforwardly analyze your tenant and show you how to move forward. And, we charge a flat fee, even if your systems are complicated. Get in touch – we’re happy to help.