Making Your Technology Work for You

Your technology should work to fit your company, not the other way around.

Your tech stack should make doing business easier, not be a source of frustration. Wellington Street Consulting can get you there.

Our approach to technology and business consulting and service is different. We provide you with an IT solution that fits your needs. We make your technology work for you.

Do you lack visibility into who made what changes and when in your documents, leading to accountability issues and version control nightmares?

Are you wasting money on unused software licenses and subscriptions because you don’t have a process to reclaim and reassign them when employees leave?

Do you lack clear visibility into your workflows, making it difficult to maintain compliance with industry regulations, track progress, and identify bottlenecks?

What they’re saying about us

A deeply conscientious, professional and hard-working individual who always puts forth 110%. His “can do” attitude is one that I wish I could instill across the company.

Charles Azoff – Canopy

…easy to work with and has great vision when it comes to projects and how to approach them. His enthusiasm and drive are two main factors resulting in his successful performance.

Andre Balogh – PANalytical

… an impact on Day One, and raised the bar of what was expected from our IT department.

Michael Clark – CMB

…Wellington Street Consulting made the whole process easy and, most importantly, non-disruptive.

Bobbie Carlton – CPRM

With all of the confusion and uncertainty that surrounds anything “Microsoft”, it is comforting to have a business partner like WSC in our corner.

Kelly Clasby – Signet