Some people think of Office 365 as a houseplant. You buy it, water occasionally, and hope it doesn’t die. But Office 365 is more like a whole farm – it consumes a lot of resources, lots of people are involved in its processes, and it needs frequent monitoring to make sure the crops don’t fail. 

Like every other part of your business, you need key metrics to understand what’s happening across your Office 365 environment. When you don’t have visibility, you miss things. Unnecessary licenses and poorly optimized email could be draining your budget. Security issues may fester when you can’t see what’s going on. 

Microsoft offers many great tools in the Office 365 suite, but analytics and reporting about your environment are not among them. Instead of hunting through your IT system every quarter, month, or week for data, let Wellington Street Consulting deliver Microsoft 365 reports, including expert insight into what your data means. 

Microsoft Office 365 reports from Azure to SharePoint 

WSC offers a broad set of standard reports, plus custom reports, to capture the data you need. We format our reports to fit your exact needs and clearly communicate your data and our analysis. You can view these reports in many configurations to display the most useful data.  

Gain insight into: 

  • More than 150 email data points 
  • An analysis of SharePoint you won’t find anywhere else 
  • How many new Teams your staff have created in your tenant 
  • How many SharePoint sites your staff have added 
  • Whether your email is optimized to save you money 
  • If you’re paying for unnecessary licenses 
  • Other data customized to your site and tenant 
Microsoft 365 reports

Microsoft 365 reports from Wellington Street Consulting 

We sell 365 reports in bundles called datasets. Each dataset contains multiple reports based on related data points. You can get reports as part of a comprehensive Office 365 Discovery projects, as part of a monthly subscription, or as a one-time service. We deliver reports via a secure Microsoft 365 Teams tenant. 

Our standard reporting packages are: 

  • SharePoint inventory report. SharePoint reports examine your entire environment over 65 data points. We find answers to essential questions like how many sites you have and how many are actually in use. WSC can help you control site sprawl, a common issue in SharePoint environments.  
  • Account & licensing report. This report provides a full inventory of all users in the tenant. It’s perfect for reconciling your records with your HR department’s head count. Regularly reviewing this report can help you save while strengthening your tenant’s security. 
  • Exchange inventory report. Monitoring and managing your Exchange environment can reduce headaches, mitigate potential security issues, and save you money. WSC 365 reports identify key metrics and up to 255 data points, including mailbox inventories and UPN/SMTP mismatch reports. For example, you may be able to identify mailboxes that can be configured to be free of charge.

WSC can also create custom reports covering virtually any aspect of your Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint or Azure AD tenants.

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Reporting subscriptions 

Checking your environment’s data points regularly can stop trouble before it starts. Your business evolves. Microsoft periodically updates its products and classifications. Licensing requirements can change too. You need to keep up. While you likely don’t keep track of all those things, monitoring them and learning how they affect your Office 365 tenant (and your monthly Microsoft bill) is part of what we do at Wellington Street Consulting.  

We don’t just drop the reports on your doorstep and run away. Subscriptions include a block of consulting hours every month. On top of getting custom reports as often as you need, you get time with an Office 365 expert. They’ll analyze the reports to give you valuable insights about your business’ IT use, advise you how to optimize your Office 365 installation, and show you how to save money and streamline your online business productivity. 

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