This is an example of the contents of the report delivered as a part of a WSC Discovery Report. Items displayed in Table of Contents may vary based on client-requested focus areas.

  1. Objective
  2. User Story Interviews
    1. Key findings
  3. Tenant configuration
    1. Verification of users’ sync status with Windows Active Directory
    2. Analysis of conditional access rules in Azure AD
    3. Cloud Security
      1. Secure Score
      2. Classification and retention policies
    4. Global Tenant Settings
  4. Use of Office 365 services
    1. Services in use
    2. SharePoint inventory
    3. Mailbox inventory
    4. In-depth analysis of services in use
  5. Domain info
    1. Domain Map
    2. Review of SPF, DMARC and DKIM records
  6. On-premises Analysis
    1. Server Analysis
    2. Active Directory Configuration
    3. File Share Analysis
  7. Conclusion
    1. Steps required to develop architecture
    1. Recommendations
    2. Rationale
    3. Noteworthy items
  8. Supplemental Reports