Our core values: the foundation of our success 

It’s not enough for Wellington Street Consulting to be a good Microsoft 365 consultancy. We want to be the best consultancy you’ve ever worked with.  

Our values are the foundation on which we build our business. They guide our actions, decisions, and relationships. They give us the strength to approach every challenge. They’re what makes us such a reliable partner for uncovering and solving the most pernicious of IT problems.  

Inventive Insight 

Delving deeper with creativity and understanding, we craft solutions that are both innovative and rooted in a comprehensive grasp of the challenges at hand. 

Transparency in Workflow 

Every step we take is visible and communicated, ensuring all stakeholders remain informed, aligned, and confident in our processes. 


Our promise is simple: act with unwavering integrity and honesty, establishing a foundation of reliability that our clients and partners can always depend on. 

Pursue Core Issues Relentlessly 

We are committed to digging deep, understanding the heart of challenges, and not just addressing the symptoms, ensuring lasting solutions. 

Adapting to Business Demands 

In a dynamic business landscape, we prioritize flexibility and agility, always evolving to meet the shifting needs of our clients and the industry. 

Commit to Excellence in Every Task 

Whether big or small, every task is approached with the utmost dedication and focus, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality. 

Teach Today, Tailor Tomorrow 

Our approach to education is twofold: provide guidance and knowledge today while continuously adapting our methods and curriculum to meet the evolving demands of tomorrow